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Kenneth S. Kabb, Esq.
Veterans Disability Lawyer
& Veterans Attorney Advocate
Serving Northeast Ohio Veterans

Kenneth S Kabb, Esq is  a veterans disability lawyer and veterans attorney advocate based in Beachwood, Ohio. 

Ken Kabb came to the law in an unusual way. After graduating cum laude and earning his degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio University, he went to work designing a wide variety of machines, including an artificial kidney. In 1969, Ken graduated from Cleveland Marshall Law Night School of Cleveland State University and began to practice law.

Ken has an exceptionally varied set of skills and experience as a litigator. Over the years, he has worked in administrative law, where he has won fair compensation for his clients in cases relating to Social Security, black lung disease and workers compensation laws. Falling back on his early training as an engineer, Ken has handled cases involving medical-legal and engineering issues, industrial safety, and injury and disability law.

Ken brings this rare combination of proficiency and knowledge in engineering, science, and medicine to the practice of veteran’s law giving him a unique understanding and perspective as it pertains to winning complex veterans appeals and being an effective veterans disability lawyer.

These days, his practice focuses on helping clients work through issues of elder law and Social Security Disability/SSI. He frequently represents veterans before the VA and other veterans’ groups. Ken has also assisted countless Ohio families with estate planning and other senior issues relating to inheritance and probate law.

Since he began to practice law in 1969, Ken has worked on a wide variety of cases including workers comp, medical and scientific issues. He has been admitted to the practice of law before the Ohio Supreme Court, and he is able to represent clients in the federal court system, including the courts of the U. S. Sixth Circuit, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and the United States Supreme Court.

Kenneth S Kabb - Veterans Disability Law Attorney

“Sailing on big water requires a healthy dose of faith…I am continually grateful to be doing something that I love, and greet each new day with excitement and optimism.”    – The Log of the Shalom

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Ken’s Personal Pursuits 

Ken’s personal pursuits are as varied and exciting as his professional career has been. An avid motorcyclist for many years, Ken helped to set up and teach a motorcycle course in Ohio. He holds a civilian private pilot’s license, and he has published books and articles on topics as diverse as the design and operation of artificial organs, motorcycling, blue water sailing, Hispanic history and the law. He has also published a book of his own poetry and a celestial navigation text for his own sailing school.

In 1999, Ken sailed on his own boat, the Shalom, from Cleveland to Ft. Lauderdale on a solo trip that lasted several months. This exploit inspired another book, The Log of the Shalom, A Sailing Adventure of the Spirit. Back home in Cleveland in 2000, he immediately began planning an even longer voyage by restoring and refitting the Hans Christian 33T sailboat Jade Moon. From 2003 to 2006, Ken sailed the Jade Moon from Cleveland to Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. Along the way, he called on Hampton, VA, Bermuda, Tortola, several Caribbean islands. On the return trip, he worked his way back up the coast via the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and then up the U. S. Eastern Seaboard to the Hudson River and Erie Canal to his longtime home in Beachwood, Ohio. He recently published a memoir called Jade Moonbeams about the trip.

Following his 2006 return home, Ken went back into the law with his daughter, Rachel Kabb-Effron, at the Kabb Law Firm.