Service-Connected Disabilities

Winning Disability Compensation for Veterans

If you’ve tried to apply for service-connected disability compensation for veterans from the Veterans Administration (VA), you know the process can be complicated and even daunting. Veterans who have earned their benefits with their service to our country often get turned down, seemingly for technicalities.

At Kabb Veterans Law, we believe every veteran who needs medical care and disability benefits resulting from injuries they experienced due to military service should get the help they need. We’re willing to fight for your benefits and be your advocate when you’re seeking the VA disability compensation you deserve.

Veterans' Disability Compensation: How It Works

Disability compensation for veterans begins when the VA reviews your case to determine the level of your disability. If the VA considers you 100% disabled, you are entitled to receive full disability benefits. If your disability percentage is lower than 100%, your benefits are calculated accordingly.

Your disability benefits are also affected by the number of dependents you have and by your military discharge. Even if your discharge was other than honorable, you may be entitled to disability benefits.

However, the process for obtaining the benefits you’re entitled to can be challenging, to say the least. All too often, deserving veterans have their VA disability claims denied, often for reasons that remain obscure. That’s where we come in.

service-connected disability compensation for veterans
Let Us Help You With Your Service-Connected Disability Appeals

If the VA turns down your application for service-connected disability benefits, or if it doesn’t give you the benefits you believe you should be getting, we may be able to help you. But don’t delay. The time period for your appeal is limited, so handling your appeal in the manner the VA requires is crucial.

Contact us at the Kabb Law Firm to learn how to proceed in your quest for the Northeast Ohio disability compensation for veterans that you have earned and are entitled to. We’re here to help you.

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