Total Disability Individual Unemployability Benefits

Helping Veterans Receive the TDIU Benefits They Deserve

Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits, which are also called TDIU benefits, are put in place by the VA to provide support for veterans who have become disabled and are unable to obtain or maintain substantial gainful employment – complete inability to work not required. If you’re applying for the first time, or if you’ve applied and been denied, Kabb Veterans Law have vocational experts available to assist you.

TDIU Benefits Details

Your inability to work must be the result of mental or physical impairment that is directly related to your military service for the VA to approve you for TDIU benefits. In some cases, the compensation may be paid out to a veteran even when the veteran in question is not 100 percent disabled, and your attorney at Kabb Veterans Law is here to assist you with the details so you know what to expect.

One or More Disabilities for Individual Unemployability Benefits

The VA looks for a certain percentage of disability when considering cases, and Kabb Veterans Law is here to help you gather and submit the information you need about your percentage of disability. The VA considers whether you have a single disability or multiple disabilities, as well as how much each individual disability you’re experiencing impairs your ability to hold a job.

Total Disability Individual Unemployability Benefits
TDIU Evidence Requirements

The VA considers TDIU evidence requirements on a case-by-case basis, and on occasion, benefits are granted even when the disability rating is lower than usual. An example of one of these exceptions is given when a veteran needs to be hospitalized frequently and that hospitalization interferes with holding a job.

There’s no limit on how many times the VA allows you to apply for TDIU benefits, so don’t give up if you’ve applied and been turned down. Contact us today at Kabb Veterans Law  to schedule an appointment to discuss your Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefits case. We’re here to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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